Online store

Online store

To obtain a constant stream of customers and optimize work processes, we are ready to offer business owners the creation of a modern virtual store.  
When ordering the development of an online store, you receive a website with the modules you need to conduct a successful e-commerce (product catalogs with any nesting of subsections: unloading goods in 1C and reverse import; automatic payment on the product page; calculating the cost of delivery; cross-multilevel search filter by parameters; discount algorithm; personal account and user registration).  
The experience and knowledge accumulated over more than ten years allows us to create excellent turnkey online stores. I understand that each project is unique, it requires an individual approach and solution. I adhere to the current trends in design and site building. Initially, I study the topic in detail and listen to your wishes, offer my solutions that allow you to create a convenient selling resource. на Русском English (UK) Romanian
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